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Losing your pet can be a very traumatic experience for both you and your pet. While you are worrying about your pet and scouring the neighborhood for your lost pet, your dog or cat is probably very scared to be in an unfamiliar setting around people she does not know. One of the best ways to increase the chances of being reunited quickly with your pet is to have a microchip implanted just under your pet's skin. This is one of the many veterinary services we provide at Oakland Park Animal Hospital.

Microchipping is a practice that has become very common in recent years as technology has made it easier than ever to implant a tiny device under the skin of cats, dogs, ferrets, and other pets. The device is about the size of a grain of rice, is typically implanted in the area between the shoulder blades, and does not hurt your pet. The microchip contains an identification number that can be read by a generic microchip scanner in any veterinarian's office or animal shelter.

If your pet runs away, gets lost, or otherwise becomes separated from you, anyone who finds the pet can take her to a veterinarian or animal shelter. Upon reading the unique identification number in the microchip, the staff can search the pet identification databases for the information you have entered to correspond with that identification number. Then it is easy to contact you and reunite you with your missing pet.

Although you may think that having your contact information on a tag on your pet's collar is enough, the tags can easily become lost. A microchip, on the other hand, will always be in your pet. That is why it has become such a popular way for pet owners to increase the chance of having their pets returned to them if they get lost.

Bring Your Pet to Oakland Park Animal Hospital for Microchipping

We are happy to provide microchipping to pet owners in the Ft. Lauderdale area. It only takes a few minutes and is very affordable. You can get your pet microchipped as part of her next check-up, or you can make a special appointment just to get a microchip. Our veterinarians, Dr. Spencer Ratnoff and Dr. Gary Glickman, recommend that all owners of dogs and cats microchip their pets. You may think it is not necessary if you have an indoor cat, but microchipping indoor pets is sometimes even more important because these pets have the hardest time finding their way back home if they are separated from you.

If you ever find a lost pet who does not have tags with the owner's contact information, just bring the pet to us at Oakland Park Animal Hospital. We can see if the pet has a microchip to help you find the owner and get the pet back home.

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