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Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale Pet Spay and Neuter Surgeries:
A Pet Wellness Must!

Our Oakland Park pet spay and neuter surgeries are an integral part of keeping pets throughout Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Lazy Lake, and Lauderdale well and safe. These routine surgeries save lives and reduce suffering in so many ways. Did you know that the vast majority of the 3-4 million animals euthanized in shelters annually are the result of pet owners deciding to opt out of animal spay and neuter surgeries for their pets? We urge pet lovers to consider all of the benefits of dog or cat spay and neuter surgeries.

Cat and Dog Spay and Neuter in Oakland Park: The Benefits

Dog and cat spay and neuter surgeries can actually prolong your pet’s life. When a female pet is spayed (uterus and ovaries are removed) before her first heat, her chances of contracting certain types of reproductive cancers are drastically decreased. Neutered male pets’ chances of prostate cancer almost disappear. Oakland Park Animal Hospital performs many cat and dog spay and neuter surgeries for pets around Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Oakland Park vet discusses benefits of spaying and neutering petsManors, Lazy Lake, and Lauderdale every year. Our state-of-the-art surgical facilities and experienced, compassionate veterinarians ensure that these routine surgeries heal properly.

Not only do cat and dog spay and neuter surgeries improve your pet’s health, they can help decrease animal overpopulation in our area, which saves money and resources for your family and for the many shelters that struggle to find homes for the animals under their care. In fact, it costs a family far less for an animal spay and neuter surgery than it would cost them to care for an unexpected litter of puppies or kittens for a whole year. On a community-wide scale, these surgeries save enormous amounts of money and resources, not to mention preventing the tragedy of having to euthanize perfectly healthy cats or dogs that would have made wonderful pets.

Cat and dog spay and neuter surgeries also improve your quality of life with your pet because they improve pets’ behavior and safety. Un-neutered male pets in particular tend to be more aggressive and harder to train. They also mark your home (their territory) with urine, and can become wild to escape the safety of their home or yard to reach a female in heat, should they sense one in the area. This often leads to damaged property, injuries to other family members, and even tragic incidents where pets run out into the road and get hit by cars, or get into fights with competing males or other animals. On the other hand, neutered male pets are much calmer, easier to train and less likely to make a run for it.

Spay and neuter surgeries in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Lazy Lake, and Lauderdale provide tangible benefits for pets—keeping them healthier and safer for the long term. Please contact us today at (954) 731-4228 to talk with our staff about scheduling this important preventative procedure for your pet!

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