Lameness & Limping

Several issues can cause lameness and limping in your pet. Though lameness and limping are cause for concern, the professionals at Oakland Park Animal Hospital are here to help. Before you do a Google search for "veterinarian near me," give us a call. Here are some of the most common causes of lameness and limping.


Trauma – Any trauma to the leg, such as a dislocation, torn ligaments, or broken bones, can cause lameness and limping. This type of injury typically occurs if your pet has fallen from a great height, has been hit by a car, or has been stepped on accidentally.

Infection – If your pet has an infection in the joints or has a laceration that has become infected, it will make walking difficult. 

Arthritis – Arthritis is a common joint issue in pets as they age. Arthritis causes the pet’s joints to become stiff and painful, which makes walking difficult.

Hip or Elbow Dysplasia – Dysplasia occurs when there is an abnormal formation in the elbow or the hip socket. This is a genetic condition that causes lameness and arthritis in the affected joint.

Wound on the Foot Pad – Any wound on the footpad will cause your pet to walk with a limp. If your pet is limping, check to be sure that there isn't a torn or a stone stuck in the pads of their feet. Your pet could have also burned the pads of their feet. This is common when it is really hot outside, and the pavement heats up.

Nerve Damage – Nerve damage causes numbness and tingling, which can make your pet walk with a limp.
Genetic Disorders – Certain genetic disorders can cause lameness and limping. When you adopt your pet, you should be aware of the genetic disorders that are common with their breed.

Bone Cancer – In more severe cases, bone cancer could be the cause of your pet’s issues.
How Is Lameness and Limping Treated?

Since there are so many potential causes of lameness and limping, it’s hard to say exactly what your pet’s treatment will look like. Our veterinarian handles every case individually, and will thoroughly examine your pet to address the root cause of its issues. Once the cause has been established treatment can begin immediately.

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