Laser Pain Management

Oakland Park Animal Hospital Offers Laser Pain Management

Veterinarians have a variety of options for treating animals that have chronic pain. In some cases, veterinary pharmaceuticals may not be sufficient to completely manage pain. Alternative methods, such as pet laser pain management can be used to treat pain and problems with mobility. At Oakland Park Animal Hospital in Oakland Park, FL, we offer pet laser pain management.


Understanding Laser Therapy

The laser uses an intensified beam of light that is used to perform several procedures in human and veterinary medicine. At high wavelengths, it can be used to make incisions during surgery. At lower frequencies, it can be used as a therapy to stimulate biological processes to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Laser therapy has been used to reduce pain in humans for many years. In recent years, veterinarians have begun providing it for their animal patients to relieve pain from arthritis, spinal disc disease, and other chronic pain conditions.

How Does Laser Therapy Reduce Pain?

Pain is not always fully managed by medications. In addition, some animals may not tolerate pain medications well. Laser therapy offers an alternative method that can be used either alone or with pharmaceuticals, to keep animals comfortable and to facilitate comfortable movement. Laser therapy does this through a process called “photobiomodulation,” which causes changes deep within the tissues. The technology increases the production of biological compounds that soothe inflammation and pain.

Your Pet’s Laser Therapy Session

Our veterinarian will have your pet lie on a padded table or a blanket on the floor. Sedation is generally not required for laser therapy. Goggles will be placed on the eyes of the animal, as well as on the pet owner, if present, to protect the eyes from the laser light. A hand-held device is passed over the skin of the affected area for several minutes. After the session, your pet can resume normal activities.

We Are Your Veterinarian for Pet Laser Pain Therapy

Dr. Spencer L. Ratnoff and the team at Oakland Park Animal Hospital use our many years of training and experience to ensure the health of our patients. We offer a range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, wellness care, preventative care, surgery, diagnostics, dental care, and emergency care. Call Oakland Park Animal Hospital today at 954-731-4228 for an appointment to learn more about laser pain management that can help your pet.

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