Metabolic & Endocrine

Pets, Like Their People, Can Experience Metabolic & Endocrine Troubles

It is common knowledge that when a human's hormones fall out of balance, that the whole-body system shows symptoms in troubling ways. Did you know that your pets can experience the same type of issues? Oakland Park Animal Hospital is your answer to your search for a "veterinarian near me" if you are concerned about troubling behavior or symptoms in your pet. We serve Oakland Park, FL, with quality comprehensive services year-round.


What Are Signs of Metabolic & Endocrine Issues in Your Pet?

When something goes awry in the hormonal system of people, they may find themselves emotional, tired, weak, manic, and their weight may fluctuate. The signs may also be subtle and come on slowly. Like with people, there is no one simple tell-tale symptom to say clearly that your pet has a metabolic or endocrine issue. Some signs include unexpected weight fluctuations without noticeable changes in diet, lack of energy or enthusiasm, hair loss, and skin issues. If you know your pet well and notice any changes in behavior, do not ignore it.  

What Can a Veterinarian Do to Help?

First, we will test to identify if your pet's symptoms are caused by a hormonal imbalance. If that is the case, we will provide treatment to rebalance the body. Insulin injections are one example of this. We will work with you to help make sure your pet has a happy and healthy life. No matter your pet's prognosis, we are here to maximize comfort and longevity. There are many things that may cause a pet to have symptoms of a hormonal or endocrine issue and we are qualified to treat all of them. 

Contact Us Today if Your Pet Has Shown Any Symptoms of Endocrine Issues

We serve the community with caring comprehensive veterinary care. Call us for an appointment if your pet is showing any troubling symptoms or if it is time for a check-up. You may find the solution to your pet's symptoms is more accessible and simpler than you expect. We serve the Oakland Park area pets with expert care. Call today, 858-215-6552.

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