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Pet Allergy

Treatment for Your Pet’s Allergies in Oakland Park

Pet allergies are just as common as allergies in humans, and impact hundreds of thousands of pets worldwide.  Just like people, pet’s allergies can come from the environment, the changing seasons, or food.  Allergies in pets can be tricky to diagnose and treat, but there are some tell-tale symptoms.  Below, let's take a closer look at pet allergies and learn how a vet can help.  

Treatment for Your Pet’s Allergies in Oakland Park

Signs of Allergies

Allergies can show themselves in different ways, depending on the type of allergy.  Many environmental allergies, including seasonal allergies, will appear as skin irritation.   Usually, pets will lick or chew their feet and paws excessively if they’re suffering from allergy symptoms.  Their skin may appear red, irritated, or swollen. If your pet has open wounds as a result of excessive licking or scratching, see a veterinarian immediately. 

Other times, environmental and seasonal allergies take the form of congestion.  Symptoms may include sneezing, wheezing, and a runny nose or eyes.  Food allergies often take the form of digestive distress, diarrhea, or vomiting.

What Causes Allergies

Just like with people, allergies can be caused by any number of things.  Often, pets will experience allergies with the changing seasons. Cats and dogs can also have allergies within the home.  Often, certain fragrances or laundry detergents can cause allergies in pets.  Be particularly careful to use unscented detergents especially when washing your pet's blankets, bedding, or toys.  Smoke in the house can also cause pet allergies, as well as certain foods and treats.  

How can Your Vet Help?

Your vet will be able to help diagnose allergies.  First, expect your veterinarian to take a small skin sample.  Your vet will examine the sample of skin cells under the microscope to rule out the chance of an infection or parasites. If you pet has an open wound from excessive scratching, your vet may prescribe an antibiotic to treat any possible infection.  There are many prescription allergy medications available for cats and dogs.  Many of these are simple pills taken orally, once or twice per day.  Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe the correct medicine to help treat your pet's allergies.

At Oakland Park Animal Hospital, we are here to help with your pet allergy needs.  We understand allergies can be tricky to diagnose and tough to treat.  Our team is caring, professional, and knowledgeable about pet allergies.  Our office is centrally located at 2200 West Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL, 33311.  To speak to one of our professionals or to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (954) 731-4228.

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