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Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infections require treatment from our veterinarian to ensure they clear up effectively. Contact Oakland Park Animal Hospital in Oakland Park if you believe your dog or cat is suffering from this condition. Read over the following information about eye infections and find out how our veterinarian can help your pet if treatment is required.

pet eye infections

Why Eye Infections Occur

There are a few different reasons why a dog or cat would contract an eye infection. If your pet is feeling under the weather, an infection of the eyes could be a symptom related to a virus. Make sure to note any other symptoms your pet is dealing with so you can let our vet know during an appointment for an evaluation of the eyes. A scratch on the cornea of an eye could lead to an infection if it is not treated properly. For this reason, any time your pet seems injured in one of its eyes, make an appointment for a checkup.

The Symptoms Of Pet Eye Infections

A pet suffering from an eye infection is likely to have telltale signs of their condition. An infected eye may ooze a discharge. This could be a liquid or gummy substance that requires cleaning around the eye to remove it from your pet's fur. Some pets will have eyes that appear cloudy or hazed when an eye infection is present. A pet may blink their eyes or keep an infected eye closed to avoid further discomfort of the area. You may notice that your pet tries to scratch at an infected eye in an attempt to stop pain or discomfort from occurring. This could injure your pet's eye further.

What Our Veterinarian Can Do To Help

If your pet has an infection, treatment from our veterinarian is the best way to reduce pain and discomfort quickly. Our veterinarian will ask you questions about your pet's medical health and any symptoms they have recently been displaying. They will then conduct a detailed assessment of your pet's eyes to look for scratches or signs of illness. Your pet will most likely be prescribed with medication to clear the infection right away. It is important to keep your pet's eyes free of debris and to clean them according to our vet's instructions so a complete recovery is obtained.

Call Oakland Park Animal Hospital Today!

Obtaining treatment from our veterinarian is extremely important if your pet has an eye infection. Failure to get help could lead to vision problems, including the possibility of blindness. Contact Oakland Park Animal Hospital in Oakland Park to make an appointment with our practitioner if your pet requires treatment. Call us today at 954-731-4228 to find out more about the services we provide.

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