2200 West Oakland Park Blvd.

Oakland Park, FL 33311 US

2200 West Oakland Park Blvd.

Oakland Park, FL 33311 US

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Veterinary Care for Exotic Pets

 Exotic Pets in Oakland Park

Having a pet small enough to fit in your pocket has its ups and downs, but it’s all worth it. They are small, furry, cute and cuddly and pleasant to hold and care for, but they are pets like any other, and their health is of great concern to you as their parent. If you live in the Oakland Park area of Florida, consider the veterinary services of Oakland Park Animal Hospital.

Animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, red-eared slider turtles, gerbils, bearded dragons, and hamsters are no strangers to our practice. These delightful little animals also need the same care and veterinarian attention given to other more common pets such as cats and dogs. They need to have their cages cleaned, to be vaccinated and neutered, and to be well-fed, groomed and maintained.


Excellent Care for Exotic Pets

Our very own Dr. Spencer L. Ratnoff knows what your pocket pet needs to keep him healthy and whole. He has over twenty years of experience of being an exotic pet veterinarian and does his work with the passion and commitment that it takes to care for a pocket pet.

One thing that is for sure is that veterinary visits for these kinds of pets are a lot more detailed and complicated, compared to those of dogs or cats. Dr. Ratnoff will delve into intricate details such as habitat, history, diet, and health of the little pet and will talk to you at great length about this.

Dr. Ratnoff will carry out a wellness exam on the pet and will want to know of information that only you have as its parent. He will ask about

  • the housing provided for the pet
  • how often it feeds and what it feeds on
  • description or samples of the fecal matter and urine
  • if there are animals its size that it interacts with
  • cage mates perhaps, and how it interacts with them. These are a few of the questions that you have to be prepared for. He needs this information to understand better the background from which the pet is coming from.

He will carefully observe certain body parts such as nails, nose, fur or skin, eyes, or teeth of the animal for signs of irregularities before making his diagnosis and next course of action or giving your pet his clean bill of health.

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At Oakland Park Animal Hospital, we handle and care for exotic pets, and our establishment is well-equipped to diagnose and treat various diseases that attack them. For comprehensive and compassionate care services, call us on (954) 731-4228 or visit us today!

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